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search engine ranking creates leading edge meta tag coding for your website.
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Live Toll Free
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Search engine rankings, like everything else on the Internet, are always changing, and Fast! Just a few years ago, making some mediocre meta tags would be enough to give you some pretty good rankings in most of the major search engines.

Flash forward to the present... now there are more people than ever trying to get to the top of search engines, which means a lot more competition. Now there a three type of "search engines" in use:

  • Traditional "Crawler" Search Engines (like Alta Vista and Dogpile): these engines primarily look at your meta tags to decide where to place you.

  • Directories - (such as Yahoo! and LookSmart): directories enter websites by hand and do not look at meta tags or any other coding. For more information on marketing on directories - click here.

  • The "New" search engines, or engines using newer methods of reviewing websites (like Google and Inktomi): these sites look at the wording of your entire webpage! will help you get better rankings on the traditional and the "new" search engines by providing leading edge meta tags that have been custom made for your individual website, as well as overall webpage optimization!
  • offers the human touch, professional services that go way beyond the capabilities of any software.
  • completes all of your services by hand.
  • We offer 3 different packages depending on what search engines you want to have the best results on.
  • Increase your traffic even more with the Complete Optimization Package!
Live Toll Free Customer Support 1-800-743-6317 M - F 10am-10pm EST!

Classic Meta Tag Package Classic Package - Includes Premium Meta Tags
search engine rankingIncrease your rankings in thousands of search engines
Our Classic Package includes our Premium Meta Tags, traditional meta tags that have been custom designed for your website. As your site is indexed and cataloged by traditional search engines (such as Alta Vista, WebCrawler, and DogPile) you will receive rankings that will go above and beyond what would have ever been possible without them! Includes FREE Website Tracker! Keep track of your visitors in real time!


NewSite Meta Tag Package NewSite Package - Includes lite meta tags & word optimization
search engine rankingGet better listings with hundreds of new & innovative search engines
Our NewSite Package includes our Lite Meta Tags, only including the coding that the newer breed of search engine look for - we leave out coding that could jeopardize your ability to get listed in search engines such as: Google, Inktomi, HotBot, among others. We also optimize the wording on the main page of your website because this type of search engine looks at the wording of your webpage as well! Includes FREE Website Tracker! Keep track of your visitor in real time!


Premium Optimization Package Premium Optimization Package - The best value!
search engine rankingThe Most Comprehensive Meta Tag Optimization Package Available!
Our Premium Optimization Package is the best of both worlds. It includes our premium meta tags as well as total front page optimization. We go through the entire front page of your site, making sure it's using the best words possible, we look for coding errors that could hurt your ranking ability, and we add coding that will increase your websites chances of receiving higher rankings In All Search Engines! If you want to insure even coverage through out all search engines, this package is our best value hands down. Also includes a FREE Website Tracker! Keep track of your visitors in real time!'s Premium Optimization Package is just $150!
Premium Optimization Package customers receive the Most Complete Meta Tag Optimization Available (featured above) for just $150. Let your website rise above the competition by insuring that you are using the best meta tags, wording, and overall coding for your site! No reoccuring fees, no accounts needed -'s Premium Optimization Package is a one time service that will allow your website to benefit now and in the future! Order Today!
If you have any questions Call Toll Free!
Toll Free 1-800-743-6317
10am through 10pm ~ Eastern Standard Time ~ Monday through Friday
Our Customer Service Department is here to answer your questions!
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Premium Optimization Package - I would like to purchase the $150.00
                            Premium Optimization Package. To review
                                     all of the added benefits and services that are included in the
                                     Premium Optimization Package, including meta tags,
                                     optimization, and more click here.

Classic Package  - I would like to purchase the $75.00
                                   Classic package. I understand that the Classic package only
                                   includes premium meta tags and a free website tracker.

NewSite Package  - I would like to purchase the $75.00
                                     Classic package. I understand that the NewSite package only
                                     includes lite meta tags, word optimization, and a free website

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